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End Of Life - Just The Beginning

The Truth

Microsoft ended active support for FoxPro in 2016.   The impact on your business applications depends on your technology policies and future plans.

It DOES NOT MEAN your applications will stop working!

If you have an old FoxPro or Visual FoxPro application that works today, then it will work tommorrow. Microsoft's decision has no impact on you. Based on testing performed by Visual FoxPro Professionals throughout the industry Visual FoxPro will works with Windows 7 through 11. That means your investment will continue to be viable as long as you need it to be. The fact is just because they come out with a new version of Windows does not mean you have to upgrade your systems.

The Bottom Line is Microsoft's Choice is NOT your Mandate.

Many businesses today are still using applications they created 30 years ago. Those applications worked then and they still work today.

Why allow yourself to be forced into a new platform when you do not have to, just so MS can make more money?

We have numerous clients with older FoxPro, Clipper and dBase applications that continue to meet the need they were created to address. As long as you have support to make any changes you then your choices are up to you.  We can provide that support.

The Community of Visual FoxPro Experts are working on new compilers and alternatives that fully support FoxPro code.

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The Choice - Migrate, Update or Do Nothing

Visual FoxPro remains a highly flexible programming and database management system. If your application works for you today then it will continue to do so. That fact is important to remember as you look ahead.

The decision to migrate or update depends largely on your needs and future technology plans. You invested time and money into your application and there is no reason to throw it away as long as it is working for you.

Depending on your application it can be brought current into Visual FoxPro 9 or maintained as is. A Visual FoxPro 9 of your application will provide longer Windows compatibility and enhanced functionality.

The choice to migrate to another platform depends on your future plans and budget. A migration to a .NET platform can be an expensive project, because it is a rewrite of the application.

Platform Choices

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The New FoxPro C++ and 64Bit Compiler

A Chinese software developer that created a Visual FoxPro C++ compiler and a 64Bit Visual FoxPro compiler. These compilers work well and will correctly recompile a Visual FoxPro 9 application into a C++ application or a 64Bit Visual FoxPro application. We have tested his compilers and found them to be effective.

That said, unfortunately, we can not recommend them!

There is a serious concern regarding backdoor access to the CCP. To date, the developer has not agreed to provide a proof that no backdoor exist and their compilers gets flagged by Anti-Virus software.

If you have no security concerns, then either of these compilers are a great option.

The Future

The FoxPro to C++ Compiler is perhaps the most interesting development in the FoxPro Community.
The compiler generates a C++ executable while leaving the original source code in Visual FoxPro 9. This allows you to keep the license fee, flexible, and robust Visual FoxPro platform and minimize your migration investment. Our testing to date of this compiler has shown no compatibility issues with FoxPro.

The Future for you is what YOU CHOOSE, not Microsoft.

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